alyssa malehorn + zack fuentes

Founders of Haven, Alyssa and Zack dreamed of creating a space where meditation, sound healing, energy healing and alternative arts could feel welcoming to folks of all walks of life and all levels of experience with meditation and healing.

We welcome you to our loving space, and look forward to getting to know you! Alyssa and Zack


amanda huras

After almost 20 years as a fashion model, Amanda chose to follow her heart and dedicate herself to her own spiritual growth and learning. She started to discover and experience very powerful transformations and healing through high vibrational energy work, sound frequency and Time Line Therapy.

Amanda is a certified Reiki Master Practitioner, a Channeled Light Healer, Meditation Guide and Intuitive Sound Healer. She is also a certified Hypnotist, NLP and Time Line Therapy Practitioner. She is committed to creating a safe, compassionate and loving space for all healing & transformation to occur.


laura dunworth

Laura D has been an educator since 1992. She is a loving wife and mother of two sons. After the loss of her beloved younger brother in 1997, Laura began a spiritual journey of healing and growth. Exploring the healing arts of Reiki, Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing led to her passion to help clients transform their lives. She is a certified Reiki Master Healer, Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Coach and Meditation Teacher. Laura is also the owner of Infinite Tea Company, which offers organic, healing teas for the body, mind and spirit.


hannah christian

Hannah is an Austin, TX based energy healer utilizing sound therapy and Channeled Light Healing. Among other things, she is a Reiki Master practitioner and certified in Hypnosis and NLP. She incorporates the highest and purest vibrational sound therapy and healing into her sessions, creating a relaxing and loving space for transformation, upgrades in self-love and healing on a deep soul level. Hannah's mission is to radiate love and joy to all those she encounters, to be a template for others to expand into their highest ascended state.


laura ‘kirtan’ marcotte

Laura M has been a yoga and meditation teacher for 15 years. The life skills learned in these practices have transformed her and supported her. Laura loves to share these experiences with others and support them in personal growth.


Taylor Ellison

Taylor Ellison is an Austin based meditation guide and certified reiki master practitioner. After years of meditation and holistic healing had a profoundly positive impact on Taylor's mental and physical health, she wanted to share what she had learned and support others on their own journey to well being. Taylor spends her time leading guided meditations at studios and events around Austin, and working with private clients to support their happiness, a balanced lifestyle and fulfillment.


Danielle Garcia

Danielle Garcia is a psychic medium, Reiki Master Practitioner and a Certified Practitioner of Hypnosis and NLP. She sees private clients and guides meditations at Haven.