Frequently Asked Questions

Is this meditation (CLM) appropriate for beginners or first-time meditators?

All levels are welcome, including first timers and advanced meditators. All benefit; it's a unique way to integrate deep healing while learning/experiencing meditation.

What do I wear to a session and do I have to sit cross-legged on the floor?

If possible, wear comfy clothes. You'll remove your shoes before entering the Sacred Space Meditation Room. You'll have the option to sit in a floor chair, sit in a folding chair, or in the case of our lying down sessions in the evenings - lie down on a yoga mat/blanket on the floor.

How often should I attend?

As often as you like! We suggest at least twice per week to get the most benefit - but every moment counts toward your healing and peace of mind and spirit.

May I attend more than once per day?

You may attend as many sessions per day as you like - you can't get too much meditation and high vibration energy healing!

What if I'm late to a session?

We aim to limit distractions as much as possible, once we've begun. Five minutes after the start time, the meditation room door will be closed and we ask that you do not enter.

What's the deal with the Monthly Unlimited Subscription?

When you opt for the monthly subscription you may join us for unlimited Channeled Light Meditations [seated/lying down] each month. Come as often as you like! [Does not include special events like Full Moon Meditations or Meditation Retreats.]